oceanparkAccommodations will be in the numerous clean cabins, with shared rooms of 2 – 4 beds per cabin.  Have look at the Ocean Park Retreat Center website for a preview of the many cabins available. Full showers, etc. are readily available. Adults and children will be billetted / housed separately.

Meals will be provided by the Retreat Center, in the spacious and scenic dining room.

The total cost of meals and accommodation, including dinner on Sunday, July 3, 2014 through to lunch on Friday, July 8, 2014 will be $350 per person.

For underage students, there will be chaperones provided.  Must bring your own sleeping bags, pillows, etc.

WIFI is available on site.

Offsite accommodations are also available, for those who prefer camping, RV, motels, etc.  Ocean Park is located in a resort area with many other amenities.  For a good look at other offsite activities, accommodations, etc, is a good reference source.



  1. I am considering attending drumming camp this summer. Do you have the ability to accommodate a wheat free diet need?

    • Shoot, we missed this comment. Can you email with this question? I volunteer on the website but didn’t have insight into these kinds of questions. I’m pretty sure it’s possible though

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